• NCLEX Certificate and IELTS passing
  • Visa Screen (must be current)
  • RN license in the home country
  • 3 years experience preferred
  • Passport good for 3 years
  • No current agency commitment


Who are our employers?

The nurses will be DIRECTLY hired by hospitals throughout the U.S. PHR has contracts with many hospitals throughout the U.S. to recruit good, qualified and experienced nurses to work for them.

Do you have an Affiliated Approved Agency that we can contact in the Philippines?    

Yes.  If you are currently in the Philippines, we have 2 agencies that are affiliated with Professional Healthcare Recruiters.  We work with Abba Personnel Services +63917-704-5081/ +63918-286-1876 and with IKON Solutions Asia +63927-873-0474/ +632-840-3252 loc. 145.  You can contact one of them and they will process your application with PHR.  If you are currently working outside the Philippines, we can process your application directly in our PHR Sarasota, FL office.

What is the hiring process?

First, nurses can complete the “Contact Us” information on PHR’s website and tell us your qualifications, specialty, and whether you met all the requirements above. Then, we will contact you to arrange a pre-screening interview. Once you pass the prescreening interview, we will send you the Application Form and list of documents to send to our office. When we receive your documents, we will begin to send your resume for consideration to our hospital clients and schedule an interview.

Is there a required contract or commitment to sign up with PHR?

Yes. We ask that you give us a chance to find your employer within 6 months from the time you submit all your documents. If we cannot get you interviewed and hired within 6 months, you are free from your commitment.

What will be our rate of pay?

Salaries are never below the prevailing rate of wages or the cost of living in the area that nurses are hired from. 

Do we need to pay fees to PHR for finding me a job?

No. Our services are free to nurses. PHR is paid by the hospital to find the qualified nurses to fill their position openings.

What kind of visa will we need?

If hired, the hospital’s immigration attorney will begin the immigrant visa process. This will take approximately 12 months to process from wage determination (DOL), EB3 immigrant visa filing, to I-140 approval.  As of June 2019, priority dates for Philippines is close to current (6 months).

What would hospital employers pay to hire a nurse?

The standard package is that the employer will pay for the immigration lawyer to process your immigrant visa, including all the filing fees with USCIS. Airfare to the U.S. and one month free housing is normally included.  Some hospitals offer a sign on bonus.

How about benefits?

You will receive all the benefits that the hospital give to all other employees in the hospital including vacation, sick leave, retirement plan, health, dental, etc.

What does the hospital require from the nurse in return?

The hospital will sign a contract with a nurse to work for them for 3 years. After three years, you are encouraged to stay without contract, or leave and find another employer elsewhere.

What if I already have an immigrant visa but my previous employer abandoned the offer? Will PHR’s client hospitals be able to recapture my visa?

Yes, we will have clients that would be happy to recapture your existing visa. Since they will have to request the Wage Determination with the DOL again for the salary in the new employer’s area, then file the immigrant visa transfer under the new employer’s name, this whole process can take 8 months to one year before starting to work with your new employer.

I am currently committed to an agency but I want to sign up with PHR.  What do I need to do?      

We require that you gracefully terminate your contract with your current agency and follow their termination clause.  Once you met the agency termination requirements, ask for an agency release letter.  PHR will need this letter to be able to process your application.