"I’m Chris Caro, PT, DPT. I’m a physical therapist working in Carbondale, Illinois. I was referred to Cora Sanders through my sister-in-law who is also a physical therapist here in the U.S. but at that time we were in the Philippines trying to get to the U.S. We’re looking for recruiters that we can trust that won’t take our money and run or recruiters that would take a chunk of our salary once we get to the U.S. Filipino people could be desperate at times that they grab whatever opportunity they can get without thinking of consequences. We hear bad stories about other recruiters so we try to make sure we get a good one.

Cora has helped me get a job here in the US and I will be forever grateful to her and PHR. We still keep in contact and see each other at times. Cora and PHR are really trustworthy and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs it. She has been instrumental to my family’s success and would highly recommend her to everybody.

I am working as a PT in outpatient and my wife is a PT as well and thanks to Cora we have been very blessed. We each got our Doctor in Physical Therapy to degrees to be competitive in the workplace. We have been here in the US for 12 years and our lives are better than the one we have in the Philippines. We just got our citizenship last year and will continue to live here and be successful here in the U.S. All of this wouldn’t have happened if Cora wasn’t there to help. Thanks for everything Cora."

Chris Caro, PT, DPT, CKPT
   Senior PT - Rehab Unlimited - Carbondale, IL
   Southern Illinois Healthcare 

"Working with PHR was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Me and my boyfriend were at a loss looking for employers until we found Cora Sanders. She had made it possible to live the american dream and share it together when she found an employer who was willing to sponsor the both of us in Oregon. She has been very helpful since day one and she makes sure you are well taken care of. 

If not for PHR, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m forever grateful. We have only been here a year and it has been nothing short of amazing. 

We only hope to see more professionals fulfilling their dreams and PHR will definitely be a choice you will not regret."

— Kate Soriano

    Physical Therapist

"PHR President, Cora Sanders, helped with every step of the process. She helped me complete my requirements, offered sound interview advice and assisted with my work visa application and eventual arrival in the US. She even assisted me in contacting my employer for a smooth transition to my work assignment and to help me settle in the U.S. 

The entire recruitment process was straightforward and speedy; it only took four months from our first communication until I left the Philippines for my first job in the United States. Cora is not just my recruitment manager. She has turned into a very good friend.

PHR has definitely helped me achieve my American dream. I was assigned to a highly competent and challenging but fun work environment, which provided me a better opportunity to hone my skills as a therapist. 

I would definitely recommend PHR to healthcare applicants who are seeking employment here in the US. Five stars to PHR!"

— Vivianne Trilles-Danao

    Occupational Therapist

"I am so blessed and happy that I've found PHR. The recruitment agency helped me fulfill my biggest dream of coming to United States to be with my beloved family and work as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. 

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Cora Sanders, the owner of PHR. She's an angel to all healthcare professionals who want to work in United States. She helped me and advised me on what to do when I started my work in West Virginia. She is not only an agent, but she's also like a mom to all her applicants, and she never leaves our sides until we’re stable in our jobs. She has a good heart, which is hard to find in some recruitment-agency owners.

To PHR, I sincerely want to express my greatest appreciation for helping me achieve my dreams. Thank you very much, and I hope you'll help many medical professionals in fulfilling their dreams. God bless always!"

— Sophia Rosal

     Medical Technologist

 It has been almost 25 years since I left the Philippines for a job as a Medical Technologist through PHR. Many friends have asked me if it has always been my dream to come to the U.S. to work to which I always replied, "No". It was never a "dream"... more like a plan! Even if I got a job right after graduation as a graduate assistant and a scholarship for a Masters Degree, but I felt the Medical Technology job has always been my calling, which I decided to pursue --- from a stint in Saudi Arabia and eventually here in the U.S.

Although it could be difficult leaving home and family and friends, but I know that to many it is the very reason of providing for the family that they want to come to the U.S. to work and there's no need to convince them to do that. All they needed was the opportunity (which to many never knocks)... a chance, a stepping stone. PHR has provided me that, and more. It has provided me the bridge across a wide and turbulent waters to a whole new world of opportunities and a better and brighter tomorrow...

...and I'm living that tomorrow now. 

 —Omar Delalamon
    Medical Technologist  


I appreciated the advice, tips on handling the interview process. I feel I was blessed because I like the hospital which I was assigned to. The hospital staff and the people in the community are friendly.  Adjustment was not as difficult than I thought.  My employer also processed my immigrant status. Thank God in less than 5 years I got my green card.

I think PHR is a successful company because they genuinely want to help Filipinos to have better life opportunities here in the USA.

— Sherfred Manalo

     Medical Technologist


"I first met Cora Sanders in Dumaguete City through one of the PHR meet ups they had in the City. She talked about the company, and spoke individually with the applicants as well. I felt in her the genuine heart to help people. I had been looking for opportunities to work in the US as a PT but was wary of recruiting agencies as I did not have the finances for such. I had heard a lot of good things from her through other people, that PHR had helped them with obtaining jobs in the US. 

Fast forward to 2008, when I first step foot on US soil as a PT. PHR had facilitated everything from interviews with prospective employers to making sure that the process of obtaining my work VISA went smoothly. I had a great time with the hospital that PHR had set me up with and had regular conversations with Cora Sanders as she was checking on how I was doing with work and my relocation to a different country. Being away from home and without my family, it felt wonderful to have somebody look out for me.

I have been recommending and continue to highly recommend PHR to friends in the Philippines who are looking for healthcare jobs in the US. It feels a lot more than being a part of a family than just being an applicant. That sense of family and belonging is needed especially if you are planning to leave everything and everyone that you know in pursuit of your dream.

2 months ago, I finally got my American Citizenship after being in the US for almost 10 years and I can say it has been an awesome journey that would not have been made possible without God’s Grace and the wonderful people of PHR. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you and God Bless!"

— Gian Vicuna

     Physical Therapist